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Our services are provided free of charge to the residents and participants.

About RSS

Resident Services & Solutions (RSS) offers a partnership with property managers to assist in enhancing the community by enriching the lives of the residents. RSS possesses more than 20+ years, of hands-on resident services experience, in affordable housing communities. The benefit for your community to contrast your resident services needs with RSS include:

  • Property Managers operations and administrative responsibilities will be there #1 priority

  • Properties will receive assistance in complying with Federal and State mandates for

    1. Land Use Restriction Agreement (LURA) 

    2. Resident Services Compliance Requirements

What We Do

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The ultimate success of any multifamily asset relies on the happiness and well-being of its residents and the staff serving them. RSS team members are much more than just program administrators and compliance monitors. We deeply care about helping your residents enhance their lives and reach their goals.

Often, RSS becomes the compassionate face of the property and serves as a friendly buffer between management and tenants. RSS personnel understand their role as an outsourced service provider and do not cross the line into lease management operations and administration.

RSS offers property managers an efficient, cost-effective alternative to having in-house staff manage Resident Services and LURA Compliance.

The property benefits from having a knowledgeable and experienced outsourced partner without the complex and time-consuming aspect of in-house staff coordination, payroll and benefits management, training, and record keeping. Your property will significantly reduce costs by outsourcing and removing the burden of managing in-house employees’ oversight of LURA and Resident Services.

RSS experts are active partners in your financial success. We understand the impact of LURA Compliance Mandates and their impact on your business and investor’s bottom line.

Our Program Managers design services for your community to meet LURA mandates while simultaneously serving the programmatic needs of your residents. The RSS team will continually monitor LURA regulatory changes to ensure a positive impact on your residents.

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