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Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Emana LLC is a minority-based small and young company that works with non-profit and for-profit organizations in the region to provide supportive social services to multifamily and affordable communities in the United States.  In working with and for a disadvantaged population, Emana LLC has learned how to take specific responsibility and overcome difficulties to ensure the best class of services to all stakeholders.  Emana LLC's employees are working in different regional venues, and so Emana LLC understands the diverse thoughts, perspectives, and experiences the team adds to Emana's culture.  Emana LLC also knows that it is not simple to attract, retain, and engage talent from diverse backgrounds.


Therefore, Emana LLC wants to embrace diversity as its direct support for the work provided to different stakeholders in the community it serves.  Emana LLC is a minority-owned small business, but Emana LLC is a non-discrimination and equal opportunity to its stakeholders.  Emana LLC commits to:

​-              Work deliberately to make sure its mission's objectives are demonstrated in the right direction

-              Open-minded to all alternative suggestions and recommendations from clients and employees.

-              Adaptively change goals and programs to ensure the best positive impacts to the community it serves.

-              Practice fairness and careful consideration to all populations it serves.

-              Leverage the talents and abilities of staff and business partners to profit the participants by creatively embracing and sustaining the inclusive culture and worldview of the involved people.

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