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Family Self-Sufficiency Case Managent Services

Under the supervision of the Resident Services and Solutions Division,  the FSS Case Management team offers a partnership with the Housing Authority and Multifamily Owners nationwide to provide case management for the Family Self-Sufficiency program.

Working closely with the Housing Authority and/or Multifamily owners, we coach and support participants by connecting them with the social services and resources they need to succeed and become independent.

What We Do

Our  FSS Case Management team will assist in developing or updating an Action Plan

We help to create the related paper and online forms


We provide participants' progress monthly and can assist in updating the data in both paper files and the software systems. 

Case Management Team takes responsibility for marketing and recruiting participants

We assist the residents to identify the barriers that impede their efforts towards self-sufficiency.

We assist the participants to focus on their ITSP, provide training,  offer social services and resources, coach them, and conduct follow-ups. 

We work with local business owners, non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and government agencies to connect participants to the services.

We follow regulations and comply with Housing Authority and HUD's rules.

We will also work diligently with the Participating Coordinating  Committee to monitor and manage the program to ensure fairness, effectiveness, and success of the FSS Program.

Coordinator for
the North Little Rock Housing Authority

Forms to download

FSS Interim Disbursement Request Form

FSS ITSP Modification Request Form

Contact Information

469 - 389 - 1310

Brandy Jenkins

Director of Client Management

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