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Who Are We?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Provides resident engagement and lifestyle support services, Information technology services, and branding services

Hands Up

Our Story

In 2020, Emana was formed to only provide LURA's supportive services to affordable properties in Dallas, Texas, due to the urgent need for services from one of the owners of a small real estate company.

Starting early in 2021, the team came strongly by signing several new deals with the Investor’s Property Services, BGC Advantage, the City of Wellington, and the North Little Rock Housing Authority, adding several more properties to its service portfolio.  Since then, Emana has multiplied and added two more divisions of services to its business operations,  Information Technology and branding services.  Emana is expanding its business services to provide Family Self-Sufficiency Case Management and Property Asset Management Consulting.

Emana has experience in business management, Tax Credit resident services, property asset management, and savvy Information Technology individuals. Our leader has more than 25 years of practice in project management, team building, and leadership development with universities, private businesses, and local government working environments. Our Resident Services and Solutions team is built with individuals who have spent over 20 years serving and building resident services in many states' private property management companies and housing authorities. 

Emana currently provides three primary services: Resident Services, Information Technology Services, and Branding Services. Our experts can assist you in making your business run smoothly or provide complete services to ensure your community is compliant and reaches its full potential. The Emana team is eager and ready to hear from you.  Let's create connections and build a better community together.

Our Leadership

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